The Introvert Manifesto

The Introvert Manifesto is the manual [on introverts] that should have come in the box.”

– Nancy Ancowitz, author of Self-Promotion for Introverts
and producer of the “Self-Promotion for Introverts” blog for Psychology Today

If you just want to understand, in concise, plain language, how you really tick as an introvert — and why — this is the book for you.

And if, truthfully, you’re (also) seeking validation for your existence as an introvert, this is really the book for you.

A Psychology Today article refers to The Introvert Manifesto as “the manual [on introverts] that should have come in the box.” Yes. I can’t describe it any better.

But it also offers real-world tips and advice — through a section called “The 4 Pillars of Introvert Well-Being” — that give you the practical tools and strategies you need to be happy and healthy each day as an introvert living in this extraverted western culture of ours.

What is the “manifesto” in The Introvert Manifesto? I can boil it down to four powerful, liberating words: Introverts — just be you!

You deserve to thrive. Your own way.

—Peter Vogt

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