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You Don’t Have to Be All Alone to Tap Into the Energizing Quiet

I’m partway through my second semester of auditing an introductory French course at a local college, “auditing” being a code word for “I’m taking the full-fledged class, but I’m paying almost nothing for it — and I don’t get graded; I can just learn for the sake of it.” It’s a beautiful arrangement, one that […]

When You’re an Introvert, You Sometimes Need to Stand (and Move) for Peace

The other night, I graciously and selflessly accepted a last-minute parental appeal to take my niece, Autumn, to her recreational gymnastics class. At 7:45 p.m. On a Wednesday. Clear across town. In bad winter weather, with little regard for my own personal safety. Aw, it was nothing. I’m all about noble sacrifice in times of […]

The Magic of Working Alone with Somebody Else–the Right Somebody Else

“I drink alone,” rocker George Thorogood snarled in his hit song of the same name. Well, good for you, George. I’m not sure how to respond other than to say that I don’t share your philosophy on the consumption of adult beverages. But your song on the radio this morning reminded me of something, of […]


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Peter Vogt

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The Introvert Manifesto by Peter Vogt

The Introvert Manifesto is a short, straight-talking handbook on how introverts really tick—and why. A Psychology Today article refers to it as “the manual [on introverts] that should have come in the box.” Yes. I can’t describe it any better. Learn more…