Coaching for Introverts

Your introversion influences your whole life: your relationships (especially your relationships!), your career, your leisure… almost anything you can think of. So if you’re an introvert and you find yourself frustrated or discouraged or confused (or all of the above and more!) at times, know that you’re not alone.

Guess what, though: You can be happy and healthy. You can thrive — your own way, as the introvert you are — in this extraverted western culture of ours.

I can help.

In a one-on-one Personal Coaching for Introverts session, we will address your specific challenges — and identify your many strengths and opportunities — when it comes to being an introvert.

Maybe you just want to feel better on the job. Maybe you want your spouse to understand you better. Maybe you want your kids to know why you need space and time to breathe once in a while.

Or maybe it’s your boss/co-worker or your spouse or your kid who’s the introvert! — and you just want to understand them better.

An individual coaching session is just the ticket.

How Personal Coaching for Introverts Works

You’ll find my approach to personal coaching a) refreshingly simple, b) refreshingly under your control, and especially c) refreshingly introvert-centered.

It involves three basic steps:

  1. Contact me and ask to set up a personal coaching session. During the session itself, we will talk via Facetime or Skype, or simply chat on the phone. Whatever works best for you.
  2. During your appointment, we will chat for up to 90 minutes about your specific issue(s). I’ll have many tips and resources for you right then and there. I’ll email you even more advice and ideas within 24 hours of our session ending — after I (in true introvert style!) have had more time to think about what we’ve discussed.
  3. You can then start applying the tips/advice/resources we’ve discussed in your own life as an introvert, so that you begin seeing the positive changes you want to see.

Cost for the 90-minute coaching session and follow-up email: $250.

I offer this simple guarantee as well: When all is said and done, if you really, truly feel like the work we’ve done together isn’t worth your 250 bucks, then don’t pay me.


Trust me, though: I’ll make sure that it is.

Contact me today to arrange a Personal Coaching for Introverts appointment!

Please note: Though I do have a master’s degree in counseling, Personal Coaching for Introverts is coaching (and short-term coaching at that) — NOT mental health counseling or therapy. If the issue(s) you want to discuss goes beyond the coaching framework, I will do my best to help you find another practitioner to work with (or work with too, as the case may be).

Personal Coaching for Introverts

  • 90-minute Skype/Facetime/phone session.
  • Detailed follow-up email within 24 hours of the session ending.

Cost: $250

Contact me now to get started!